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Every year, millions of young people are moving into apartments either during college or immediately after.  Unfortunately, the majority of these young people have never heard of or do not understand the need and/or benefits of renter's insurance. READ MORE >>

For the past ten years or so, the airwaves have been inundated with commercials touting low cost automobile insurance.  It makes one wonder: why are so many companies, even those that are not considered to be in the business of selling auto insurance, spending so heavily to attract customers? READ MORE >>

As you can tell from our blog posts, we are very obsessed with the idea of personal risk management.  Most consumers think they do not make enough money or have enough assets for active risk management to play a role in their lives, but it CAN benefit everyone. READ MORE >>

Given our most recent dumping of snow here in the mid-west and the storms on the coasts, we can all agree we live in a very "wet" country. Whether a heavy snow, a nice spring rain, a deluge, or a flood, the water that each of these natural events creates can enter our homes and do significant damage. READ MORE >>

Here is an interesting scenario, you are in need of a new car.  You visit your favorite dealer where you are looking for a nice simple car, but you spot a shiny "fun" car... Thus begins the internal debate:         - The voice on your left shoulder says, "Go for it. READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered what the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage shown on your automobile insurance bill means?  You didn't ask for the coverage, so why are you being charged for it? Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, also known as um/uim, is coverage for insureds and passe... READ MORE >>

You are sitting in your car at a stoplight waiting for the green light when your car suddenly lurches forward; you have just been rear-ended.  You pull over to a safe area, review the damage to your car, and notice that the rear of your car is severely damaged. READ MORE >>

Ever wonder how insurance works if a tree in your yard falls into your neighbor's yard and causes damage?  Or, if your neighbor's tree falls into your yard?  Here are some basic ways in which typical insurance policies work in these situations. READ MORE >>

The holidays are behind us which means it's time to take stock of those wonderful gifts that were received.  Many people don't realize that some of those expensive gifts are not completely covered by their insurance policies if they are lost, damaged, or stolen. READ MORE >>

Although the rest of the U.S. may look at us as strange (and movies like "Grumpy Old Men" certainly don't help), ice fishing is a way of life in the winter months for many here in the Midwest.  Assuming global warming hasn't taken its toll, the middle of December is usually when the lakes freeze over and people begin to use them as regular roadways. READ MORE >>

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